Friday, January 18, 2019
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There is a concern about our civilization that it will self destruct. It is suspected this has happened many times over in the past within the universe. The suggestion is that for some reason technology simply cannot be contained for survival of a species that developed it. I believe it is something way simpler than that and we need only look at the Tea Party and the character of the people in it to see why civilizations destroy themselves. Arrogance, ignorance and selfishness is what causes the death of civilizations. AS the numbers of individuals increases in a species then so does the need for control over what individuals do in order to preserve both the peace and environment upon which the species depends. The only way to do that is in large organizations and with government. However when government is looked upon by certain individuals in a species as the problem instead of the solution there is conflict with the individuals in a species that leads to the self destruction of the society either by war or environmental exploitation.

Right now we are seeing this happen to our government the self destruction from within by the Tea Party. These people have no faith in other people who are not just like them. They have actually done legislative sabotage wherever they can to prove their point about bad government. Instead what they are doing is setting the stage for yet again another “intelligent” species to self destruct. So the real test of intelligence of a species is not just their technological advancements but also their social structure. The social structure needs to be in place before the technological one can really do the good it is suppose to do and we have sadly not done that this time around but there is still time to change this outcome.

Balance is needed in everything that sustains. You cannot have a society that is too much freedom for the individual or too little freedom. We also cannot have one with too much government or too little government and that is where the real work is within our species. There are extremists on both sides and there is a miss-understanding of the facts of what is extreme. Most people think government wants to keep people from being wealthy but that is not true. Then again you can have too much wealth in a few individuals which many people simply do not believe is a problem but it is. Until this is recognized and dealt with our species is destined for extinction instead of the ultimate survival of being able to develop the technology to travel the stars and move from planet to planet. That is the only way for humans to truly survive and evolve. Nature requires it because suns do not last forever and ours will eventually destroy us and our planet. Granted its a few billion years from now so why should we worry about it?

I suggest that we should worry about it. Because working for the goal of putting a man on the moon brought us many other benefits for our daily lives today. Just think of what working towards a better social economic justice society would bring to everyone in our future. Our children and grand children will benefit and prosper better than we ever did and we cannot say that will happen today. Just ask how people feel about the future and how we are going backwards economically and politically with the decisions being made today by these Tea Party People.

We need to change the way we think about problems. Everyone is looking for someone to have an answer and here it is, learn and practice the golden rule. Learn that “the profit motive” is not the way to conduct business. If you really are concerned about yourself then you will learn that being concerned about others is the best way to deal with your self concerns.

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