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Oklahoma Tag Agencies Refuse ID to Legally Married Same-Sex Couples

Sara Doolin was legally married on August 1, 2013 to Jennifer Maib in Iowa and became Sara Doolin Maib. They celebrated their wedding here in Oklahoma on Sept. 14th, and began their lives together just like any other couple does.

Finally having a day off to complete errands, Sara Maib went to the Social Security office to change her name on her SS card. Everything went smoothly, and she is awaiting her card in the mail. Next stop- tag agency to change her name on her license, just like any other newlywed might do. This is where things went downhill quickly.

Sara’s first stop was Bethany Tag Agency on NW 23rd in Bethany, Ok. She presented the legal documents and after some discussion and searching, the tag agency employee presented her with a document that instructs tag agencies in Oklahoma to refuse to issue new identification to same-sex couples. They refused to provide Sara with a copy of the document.

Sara decided to try another tag agency. She went to the Red Cap Tag Agency on NW 10th in Oklahoma City. All went well, she was issued a new ID. She began to question the first tag agency and asked the employees at Red Cap why the first one refused her license. When they realized that she was married to a woman, they attempted to discuss things amongst themselves quietly. Sara left the building and got into her car with her new name on her new license. As she was driving off, a man stood in front of her car and stopped her from leaving the premises while a woman approached her window. The woman was the owner of the Red Cap and told Sara it is illegal for her to have the license. She reached into Sara’s vehicle and snatched her license right out of her hand.

After some discussion, the owner of Red Cap told Sara she must come back inside and get another license with her maiden name- otherwise she will be driving without a license. Sara’s driver’s license photo shows a tearful and sad image, saddened by being discriminated against by her own state. A state where she and her wife work, pay taxes in, and should have the same rights as any other tax payer.


How can Sara book her flights when her Social Security number doesn’t match her ID? How will she cash her paychecks issued in her married name without having a license showing the same name? How will she file taxes without showing identification that matches the Social Security number she’s filing under?

Sara wants what anyone else wants “I just want to have my license with my name.” she shouldn’t be discriminated against, simply because she is married to a woman.

I question the legality of our state refusing licenses to legally married same-sex couples. I hope Sara will contact the ACLU of Oklahoma.

Rhonda Bryant

UPDATE: Oklahoma City television station KFOR interviewed both Sara and the tag agency that refused her request. See the story and video here:

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