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Sally Kern Comes Up Short on Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Rhonda Bryant January 19, 2014 News Comments Off on Sally Kern Comes Up Short on Same-Sex Marriage Debate

This morning on KFOR’s Flashpoint, Scott Hamilton from Cimarron Alliance faced off against Sally Kern, well-known bigot and member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Sally continuously used the bible to defend her claims that same-sex marriage should not be legal. She made wild accusations that gays are gay because they’ve been abused and she even said there’s a ‘gay agenda’. (What IS this mysterious gay agenda she refers to?)
One thing Sally failed to do: Provide any constitutional law or any legal support to disallow same-sex marriage. She spent most of her time claiming that there is something essentially ‘wrong’ with homosexuality, used biblical information, rather than law to defend her claims. She accused major U.S. medical and mental associations of being “targeted by homosexuals” and said that is why they’ve condemned conversion therapy. She even claimed that same-sex marriages would hurt her own marriage. image
Scott Hamilton eloquently stated that it is unconstitutional to deny rights to LGBT that are afforded to other persons, he explained that LGBT are born as LGBT and that he grew up in a home that Sally describes as ideal. Mom, dad, 3 kids, two of which are straight, and yet, he’s gay. He suffered no abuse as Sally claims as a ‘reason’ people engage “in the homosexual lifestyle”.
Finally Scott asked Sally “What did Jesus say about homosexuality?” To which she replied “He didn’t say anything about a lot of things.”
Sally Kern clearly wants to pass laws based on her personal religious beliefs instead of on what our constitution allows. Her bigotry and hatred for LGBT could not have been more clearly defined today.
Personally, I hope the voters of Oklahoma show the rest of the USA that we are compassionate, caring people that values the civil rights of all persons by voting Sally and those like her out of office.

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