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Sally Kern Uses Debunked Study in Anti-Gay Claims

Rhonda Bryant January 19, 2014 News Comments Off on Sally Kern Uses Debunked Study in Anti-Gay Claims

Oklahoma House of Representatives member, Sally Kern, made references to ‘studies’ during a debate with Scott Hamilton, Cimarron Alliance Director, during a televised debate on KFOR Sunday morning. No one knew what studies she was referring to and she did not provide them during the debate.

Sunday evening, Kern posted a Facebook status referencing the ‘study’. She did not provide a link to further information nor where the study came from. A few seconds of googling found the article on a right-wing extremist web site which she cut and paste to her Facebook- including the advertisement to join.

As it turns out, Kern had referenced the Regnerus study which has been debunked repeatedly. The study was conducted in a way to achieve the desired results and was funded by conservatives. Here is a great article debunking the ‘study’.

Kern did poorly during the debate and the multiple references to “studies” turns out to only be one flawed, debunked ‘study’ intended to create leverage against the LGBT community.

Kern embarrasses me. I’m embarrassed to live in a state where our elected officials rely on the most extreme fringe studies they can find to support their own bigoted personal agendas instead of following the oath taken to uphold the constitution.

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