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Oklahoma Legislators to Discuss Medical Marijuana

Rhonda Bryant January 21, 2014 News Comments Off on Oklahoma Legislators to Discuss Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma legislators are set to discuss the issue of marijuana for medical use Feb 12 at 3:30pm in room 419c at the state capitol and it is open to the public. Currently, there are no bills on the table to decriminalize the plant, but discussions are progress in the eyes of many Oklahoma families who need the medical use of the plant for relief or treatment.
The largest problem Oklahoma faces in legalizing medical marijuana isn’t the public vote. Last year Sooner Poll conducted a poll of Oklahoma voters and the results were that over 71% of Oklahomans favor medical use, while 57% favor decriminalization for recreational use. See
The block in the road is some Oklahoma legislators who refuse to represent their constituents and instead represent their own personal agendas, and possibly the agendas of pharmaceutical companies. They have shot down several bills written by Sen. Constance Johnson proposing decriminalization. To date they have not provided a single valid reason why marijuana should remain a criminal offense while alcohol, a much more dangerous substance is widely available and perfectly legal. They ignore recommendations by the American Medical Association and snub their noses at the FDA approving cannabis for treatment of seizures in children. Here is more information:
Our legislators ignore children like Avagrace Spencer, age 9 who has less than a year to live but could extend her life with medical marijuana treatment. Here is her Facebook page

The medical uses for marijuana can be life-saving for some. While it’s not a cure-all, it is very useful for many things including pain management, treating PTSD, and it has been found highly effective for treatment of seizure disorders.

If Facebook is any indicator on Oklahomans’ opinions, then the numbers are much higher in favor of legalization. Local news stations have posted articles and support for legalization, even for recreational use, was overwhelmingly in favor. Very few opponents commented and when they did, their reasons for opposition ranged from personal disdain for the plant to outrageous myths or unreasonable fears. Here are a few of those who do not support decriminalization.

Clearly, an educated opinion.

This person was commenting on Obama stating that marijuana is no more dangerous that alcohol.

This person was commenting on the story about the 9-year-old girl with less than a year to live.

This person doesn’t appear to be aware that there has never been a documented case of pot overdose.

These comments make me wonder what the objective is by KFOR News 4. The post contained overwhelming support for legalization. Here is a link to their Facebook post:

Many Oklahoma legislators that oppose decriminalization are up for re-election this year. Please register to vote by filing out a voter registration at any tag agency. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Be sure to vote in all elections for your districts, even the small local ones because they represent your voice to state politicians.
You can show your support by attending the rally at the State Capitol on Feb. 12th.

Full disclosure: I too, was once adamantly opposed to marijuana use. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was raised to believe that only ‘bad’ people use it. Maybe it was because I’m highly allergic to it, but whatever the reason was, I was wrong. My eyes were opened when it was my own child who needed it for her seizure disorder. She began having seizures at 19. The medications she was prescribed were damaging to her organs. Her seizures were so severe that she could die from any one of them. She, being more open to alternatives than I was at the time, tried marijuana. It worked. It stopped her seizures in their tracks. That’s when I began my journey to discovery of the truths about cannabis. Along the way I’ve met many people who suffer from chronic pain that have gotten relief by using the plant. I’ve met others who no longer suffer from seizures that use cannabis once daily, at night before bed. I even know someone who uses it to treat her dog’s arthritis. They’re not “getting high” as the opponents claim. They’re using the best possible medicine available and it is time for our legislators to lay down their preconceived judgments and take a honest look at this plant. I strongly suspect the pharmaceutical companies may be influencing decisions and it’s time to vote these people out if they continue to deny access to medicinal herbs.

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