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Oklahoma 2014 Legislative Session Promises Batshittery

Rhonda Bryant January 23, 2014 News, Red State Dems Network Comments Off on Oklahoma 2014 Legislative Session Promises Batshittery

Oklahoma legislators never fail to propose silly, extremist, and even bizarre legislation hoping to pass them into law. This year promises to be a record- breaking storm of batshittery. Rumor has it that an Oklahoma lawmaker intends to introduce a bill calling for Oklahoma to FORM IT’S OWN OFFICIAL MILITIA for the purposes of, get this- protecting ourselves from President Obama’s secret army.

So far, the 2014 session has produced over 2,000 bills to be considered. That’s quite a lot in a state that’s overwhelmingly Republican, a party commonly known for it’s stance on “smaller government” and they’re not finished filing bills yet.

Lawmakers may be considering a raise for state employees who haven’t had one for more than five years, but don’t worry the State House of Representatives employees received one last year, some even received 30% increases. Lets keep an eye on how they vote for state employees pay.

Education is under fire yet again in this years (cess)pool of filings. One bill aims to take public tax dollars away from public schools and allow them to be used for homeschools. I do not agree with homeschools receiving tax dollars because they are currently under no supervision by the state whatsoever. There are no requirements on minimum educational curriculum, nor are there any requirements to pass minimum state standards exams.

I can’t wait to find out how many completely useless bills have been introduced by today’s 4pm deadline. I’d like to introduce one myself charging legislators fees for wasted tax dollars on each bill that turns out to be a law we already have or one that’s so ridiculous that even the most insane of people would mock it. That should earn our state quite a lot of revenue.

Session returns Feb 3rd, let the circus commence!

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